Education Theme FAQ

  • Is Woo Commerce Stripe Integration Possible?
    Yes, Stripe integration possible in woocommerce and LMS addon.
  • Will I be able to Differentiate and Live and Recorded Webinar?
    We have no option for Live and Recorded Webinar you can do it using others third-party plugins.
  • If the theme is compatible with WP Bakery Page Builder?
    Sorry no it comes with Elementor Page Builder.
  • Is it possible to upload videos to the course and where would they be hosted? We need the theme where just the people who bought the course can see the video tutorial – can your theme do that?
    Yes, it’s possible to upload a video to the courses. First, you need to upload your video in the media library or any other sites like youtube or Vimeo. Then you have to add this link inside your courses. See the screenshot: You can also able to add the video inside the lessons. See the screenshot:
    The second option is also available. In the free courses, anybody can see the course details. But in the premium courses, without purchases, nobody will able to see the course details and the video tutorial.
  • I want to skip the log-in process and directly take the user to the checkout page and signup from there>? how to do this?
    Using LearnPress you can enable guest login & purchase.
  • How can users log in with social networks and register a new account?
    You need to install and active the “WordPress Social Login”. then you can go to your Dashboard => Social Login, Sharing => Social Login. In configures apps, you can see the app icon, enable apps and it will pop up an App Setting, read instruction.
  • Does this have support for Dokan?
  • How do we customize the login and backend user admin panel? we don’t want to show default WP dashboard links when the user logged in.
    You need to override the template using child theme. This is totally customization support. You can Use this third party plugin :
  • When the user to log in to the account must enter the OTP code sent via email or SMS.
    There is no option for OTP system. You can use third party plugin.
  • Do you have any options, for email notification for students and teachers before the scheduled class starts?
    There is no option for Email Notification system. You can use third party plugin.
  • Do all demos fully support RTL ( Arabic language )?
  • Is there any Plan to release Mobile Apps(Android & iOS)? in the coming?
    Sorry no, we have no mobile Apps. Our theme is fully responsive for mobile.
  • Do I have to buy the images?
    You can download image and resource from our documentation. License and more information.
  • Can the Instructor add the course from the front end means without login into the WordPress admin dashboard?
    Please check the LMS features.
  • Can admin set the commission for the courses added via Instructor? And is the instructor will be able to see how many courses sell and how much his payout?
    Please check the LMS plugin documentation or check the LMS plugin extra addon.
  • Is Slider Auto Play possible?
    Yes, Possible.
  • Is it possible to add local payment gateways like Bkash, Rocket, or Indian local payment gateway?
    We have no option for this. You can use third party plugins.
  • Admin can blast an announcement that needs to appear in the user’s home dashboard when the user login into their account.
    We have no option for this.
  • Membership plans to enroll in the courses.
    You need to integrate Membership plugin support by own.
  • An ebook directory where members can download material or ebook.
    ebook or download material
  • Can I have the features after a user finish taking a course: Course Review and display Other Suggested Courses?
    We have a option for this. It’s called related post.
  • I can integrate my own payment gateway?
    No, payment gateway you can handle LearnPress, WooCommerce.
  • Is there any affiliates option available? If a student enrolls course with reference affiliates can check their share amount at any time and request their money.
    No, right now we haven’t any option for this.
  • Is it possible to conduct online lessons? Means the online broadcast lesson with live chat.
    Yes, By using Zoom it’s possible.
  • Is it compatible with BuddyPress?
    Yes, It’s compatible with BuddyPress.
  • Any HTML version available?
    Check our themeforest profile.
  • In the front end, the user role (instructor) can create quizzes from our (pre categorized) question bank and send them to other user groups (students).
    No, we have no option for this.
  • Course payment Ability to make payments and get refunds
    It will handle a third-party payment gateway.
  • Can each teacher have a PayPal account or be paid individually.
    We have no option for this.
  • Can students book different teachers with time and dates? (The teacher will have a calendar in which students can book an appointment and pay).
    We have no option for this.
  • Ability to book a teacher’s time & View teacher profile and calendar.
    Only student have ability for select courses.
  • Is it possible to search for teachers with various filters?
    It is possible for course search. We have default option for categories, language, price and skills.
  • Instructor Registration system in LearnPress?
    All about LearnPress Instructors
  • Can teachers publish their own courses?
    Yes, possible. If the admin gives permission from the admin area it can be easily possible.
  • In a student profile system where they can check their academic stuff such as their grade for each discipline they course.
    For showing grade point LearnPress has an option.
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