Theme Customizer

Header Setting #

You can find the Theme Option from Appearance-> Customize-> Geobin Theme Options > Header Settings

From Header Settings, you can add/update your site logo, change menu styles, header top contact info and social shares, Burgar menu, off-canvas contents, etc.

Header Menu Style

Select a design for the header.

Header Top Menu

Show/hide the header top menu and change the contact details and social link.

Header Logo #

Change the main menu logo.

Offcanvas Menu Settings

To change the off-canvas/Burgar menu on the right-hand side, go to Appearance-> Customize->Geobin Theme Options-> Header Settings and scroll down a little bit.

  • 1. Offcanvas logo
  • 2. Offcanvas content and gradually you’ll get all the settings to change/update it.

Offcanvus Social Share

Social share links for off-canvas menu

Menu Settings #

From Appearance-> Customize->Geobin Theme Options-> Menu Setting, you can change the menu color, menu background color hover color, etc.

Top Style Settings #

From Appearance-> Customize->Geobin Theme Options-> Top Style Settings, you can change the header top sections’ background color and text color.

Theme Styling #

From Appearance-> Customize->Geobin Theme Options-> Theme Styling, you can change font family, color, font size and also heading fonts, etc.

Page Settings #

From Appearance-> Customize->Geobin Theme Options-> Page Settings, you can change the banner background color and banner text color.

For changing the banner title, background, and breadcrumb for individual pages, navigate to the page editing view, and from the bottom, change the page settings.

Blog Settings #

Get All Blog settings From Appearance-> Customize->Geobin Theme Options-> Blog Settings

Show blog author information at the bottom of the post for a single blog page.

Footer Settings #

Get All Footer Settings From Appearance-> Customize->Geobin Theme Options-> Footer Settings.

Footer widgets can be set from Appearance > Widgets menu.

Footer bottom area color logo customization and back-to-top options can be enabled from here.

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Updated on March 4, 2024