Event location

Event Location #

In Eventin plugin, there are two options to add event location. You can add and view event locations through Event locations on Google Maps or manually.

Note: If you want to use existing locations and Google Maps features, you need to use Eventin Pro version.

Step-1 #

For google map enable, navigate to Eventin -> Settings> Integrations -> Google Map -> Enable map option and Enter the Google key.

Eventin google map integration

Step-2 #

After inserting the Google key, go to the Eventin -> Event -> Event Locations. Then add the location name, address, Email, Latitude, and Longitude and click on add new location.

Step-3 #

After adding the locations, Create or edit an event and assign this created location to this event. Here, you get two options for adding the event location.

  1. Enter Existing Locations.
  2. Enter Full Address

Enter Existing Locations: #

When you select the “Enter existing location” option from the Event Settings -> Venu/Location. you will get the created location that you created the location fields.

Frontend view for Google location:

Enter Full Address #

If you select the “Enter full address” option, you can enter the location manually


Note: When you use the “Enter full Address” option for event location, it will not show any Google map. It shows the location manually.

Front view:

Elementor Widgets: #

In Eventin Pro, for displaying event location, you can use the Eventin location list widgets.

Front-end view:

Shortcode:(Pro) #

You can also use a shortcode for showing the Event location list.