Event Email Settings

You may set up an email address to receive notifications about event changes or specifics on the Settings tab. To set up the admin’s email address, go to Eventin -> Settings -> Event Settings -> Email Settings. Through this email, the user will receive mail.

Set notification from admin dashboard

Writing Emails with Template Tags #

When your event is purchased, the user will get an email with ticket details. By using email template tags, you can write dynamic emails for your customers. These tags can replace your site name, site link, site logo, and Event title.

Email body with event tiket detials:

Note: If the purchaser does not get the event ticket mail, then install the SMTP plugin and enable the PHP Mailer from your server.

Reminder Email(Pro) #

You can send a reminder email to the client before starting the event. You can specify how many days before the reminder email should be sent. You can also write your email body according to your choice.