Registration and Ticket Selling

Requirements #

Eventin lets you create tickets for your attendees. The ticketing option allows you to set a price for your ticket or 🔹Sell Tickets for FREE🔹 You have to install and activate the WooCommerce plugin if you want to use this feature. If you want to offer free tickets for the event attendee but get the participant to register for the event, then install and activate the WooCommerce plugin and set the ticket price as zero. 

🔹 NOTE: WPEventin manages Ticket Stock simultaneously with WooCommerce so you will see the Ticket Stock updated exactly like WooCommerce.

Activating WooCommerce #

Go to Settings -> General -> General Settings tab will let you Sell on WooCommerce. If you wish to sell tickets, turn on the settings and make sure that your WooCommerce plugin is installed and activated.

sell on Woocommerce

Payment with WooCommerce #

You can sell your products through the Eventin plugin. We’re using Woocommerce for this feature in our plugin. So, you can use all payment gateway which is supported by WooCommerce.

Add Ticketing Option to Events #

From your dashboard, go to Eventin -> Events then edit one of your events. Once you go to the editor, scroll down and you will see ticketing options. Here you can create Ticket Variations. Enable Limited Tickets to prompt a text box where you can set the No. of Tickets available for your event. You can also add different ticket variations or types by clicking Add button. The following details need to be filled

  • Ticket Name – Set a name for the ticket i.e ‘Early Bird’, ‘Regular’, ”VIP’
  • Ticket Price – Set a price for the ticket
  • No. of Tickets – Total number of tickets available for this ticket type/variation. (This field will show only if the Limited Tickets option is enabled)
  • Minimum Purchase Qty – Set the minimum ticket purchase per order (PRO Feature)
  • Maximum Purchase Qty – Set the maximum ticket purchase per order (PRO Feature)

Also, enable Show Min Max Qty Text In Form if you want to display the minimum and maximum quantity information on the form.

Go to Eventin -> Events and Edit event

Scroll down and you will get both the Minimum Purchase Qty and Minimum Maximum Qty. Set the ticket quantity and save changes. If you want to include ticket quantity information inside the form, then click the toggle button next to the quantity input.

WPEventin min max qty

Multiple Ticket Variations #

Create multiple types of tickets for events such as ‘Early Bird’, ‘Regular’, ‘VIP’ and set different prices for different tickets. With WP Eventin PRO, you can also set maximum and minimum ticket purchase quantity for every transaction. Maximum and Minimum ticket purchase quantity is a premium feature only.

Ticket Variation

Get Attendee Registration with Free Ticketing #

If you are looking to arrange an event where the attendee does not need to pay, but you want to track the attendees then this setting is for you. Go to Eventin -> events -> Add New/Edit -> Ticket Price : -> 0 and then click on Publish/Update from the top-right area.

Ticket Purchase on Event Page #

Unlocking Registration Form #

After activating WooCommerce, you can display your registration form in the event sidebar.
🔹 NOTE: You can not use this if you do not activate WooCommerce.

Registration form will appear after enabling WooCommerce

Virtual Product #

WooCommerce lets you set an event ticket as a virtual product. Go to Eventin -> Events then Add New or Edit an event. You will see a title that says Virtual Product. Selecting “Yes” will make your event ticket a virtual product. It will handle all behaviors related to Woocommerce Virtual Product and remove Shipping Fees.

Virtual Product Settings

WooCommerce Tax Status #

You can add WooCommerce tax to your event tickets. First, you need to set your tax status by going to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Tax. Here, you need to set the Standard Rates tax option.

To add Standard Rate tax to your event, go to Eventin -> Events from your dashboard. Select an event and find the heading Tax Status. You can select “Yes” to make your event taxable.

🔹 NOTE: You can only add Standard Rates tax to your events. Any other tax option will not be added to your event.

WooCommerce Standard Tax Rate Setup
Eventin Event Tax Status Settings
Tax in Cart & Checkout Page

WooCommerce-Based Ticket Stock Management #

WPEventin Ticket Stock Management works exactly like WooCommerce. When you change the status of the tickets from WooCommerce, it will instantly be updated on Eventin and show the updated ticket stock data on your event page.

🔹 NOTE: WPEventin manages Ticket Stock simultaneously with WooCommerce so you will see the Ticket Stock updated exactly like WooCommerce.

WooCommerce Ticket Status

Event Order Refund #

After purchasing the event ticket, if anyone wants to refund, then you can refund it from the WooCommerce order. After the refund, this ticket will be available again and the quantity will decrease from the “Total Sold Ticket” and “Total Sold Price”.

Unique Ticket ID for Attendees #

Ticket Purchasers will get an email with attendee ticket details once they register. Unique Tickets with Unique Ticket ID for all attendees will be sent to the Purchaser email.

🔹 NOTE: You can read our documentation on Event Attendee to learn more about these features related to Attendee management. You will also find details on how a Unique Ticket ID is created for attendees. (We are continuously updating to improve our ticket design)

Ticket Purchaser will get this email from Event Admin
Download tickets and Update Information link in email
Download Unique Ticket to view Unique Ticket ID
WooCommerce Invoice Email

Ticket Purchase Report #

To track your ticket purchase report, you can go to your dashboard then Eventin -> Purchase Report, and select the event. You can click on the event to check the Invoice, Customer Name, Email, Payment Type, Total Tickets, Status, and Date. An option to export these data to CSV format is also available.

🔹 NOTE: Purchase report history in this format and exporting it to CSV is a PRO Feature. In WPEventin FREE version, you can get the invoice details on your event editor page.

Eventin PRO Purchase Report
Eventin PRO Purchase Report
Eventin FREE Purchase Report

Add Ticket Purchase Form with Elementor Widget #

You can use the Elementor Widget for Eventin Ticket to add the ticket purchase form to your event page. Drag and Drop the Elementor widget anywhere on your event page.

🔹 NOTE: You can edit the Price Label Text from your dashboard from Eventin -> Settings -> General Settings -> Price Label Text.

Elementor widget for Event Ticket

WPEventin Tutorial Video on Creating Event Page #